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Güdpod Compostables™ is a revolutionary single-serve technology company bringing daily beverage solutions, which has reinventing the single-serve industry through its focus on sustainability and disruptive new beverage technology.


Güdpod Compostables™ is the world’s FIRST plant-based and compostable pods product in North America. This  unique technology incorporates an advanced multi-layer substrate which guarantees an impermeable oxygen and moisture barrier to deliver a 24-month shelf life, which is compatible with Keurig® K-Cup® coffee & tea and Nespresso® espresso pod brewing platforms. In additional to delivering a convenient plastic-free alternative, the pods FULLY biodegrade in 90 days in commercial composting facilities. 

Scope: New, patented compostable pod technology brand looking to drive awareness and establish a presence in the sustainability market as the preferred single-serve beverage pods used with a beverage brewing system for home and commercial use. 


Insight: With a strong demand for sustainable products, consumers are voting with their wallets. In recent findings, 77% of Americans are concerned about the environmental impact of products they buy and a total of 73% of Global Consumers indicated they would change their consumption habits to reduce their impact on the environment. 

Solution: Developed campaign targeting corporate and consumer influencers in order to drive awareness of Güdpod Compostables and develop new business partnerships to launch the brand in key target markets. 


  • PR: Secured placement for Güdpod Compostables in the form of digital press, print and on-air media with 2.5M+ cumulative visible impressions from a local, regional and national level. 

  • Business Development: Initiated B2B relationships with key distribution outlets including KeHe Food, Joyride Coffee and Costco Canada.

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