nick ricardo collection, fragrance brand

Client Objectives: ​

 • Create a successful marketing strategy during Spring/Summer 2019 by implementing a solid PR campaign, which focuses on     print/online editorial placement 

 • To identify the target market landscape, lifestyle imagery, tone of voice and how to penetrate effectively 

Strategy: ​

 • Develop engaging stories and pitches that speak to top tier outlets that highlight gender neutral fragrances 

 • Heighten brand awareness with fragrance/lifestyle blogs and influencers that are in the gender neutral space and beyond 

 • Handled PR gifting to respected journalists/freelance journalists that write about the fragrance space 


 • Placements include Rachael Ray Magazine, Business Mogul Magazine, The Quintessential Gentleman and a host of        

    other outlets 

 • Inclusion of product round ups during Holiday 2019 

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