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The company, through its brands Cellucor, C4, and Tend develops dietary supplements for pre-workout, protein and post-workout recovery 


A global leader in sports nutrition, Nutrabolt is known and trusted by millions of consumers, consisting of elite athletes, celebrities, everyday gym-goers, and non-gym goers alike looking to optimize their performance in all aspects of life. Nutrabolt’s mission is to innovate, inspire and make products that maximize human potential accessible to all.

Scope: Drive awareness of brand and company by creating a comprehensive diversity and inclusion framework ahead of potential public offering. Social media initiatives rooted in building authenticity with minority consumers by utilizing relevant influencers and creating breakthrough cause initiatives. 

Insight: African American and Hispanic consumers account for 21% of sport nutrition market and projected to grow by 15+% by 2023.  These segments are underrepresented and often feel discounted from sports nutrition and fitness companies.  

Solution: Developed a framework to drive brand awareness and personal connections with multicultural consumers authentically through community outreach and relatable brand influencers.   


  • Contributed to overall increase of +114% monthly impressions VPP 

  • Developed content that drove engagement rates +3pts higher than competitive set (14% vs. 11% from competitors)

  • Significantly increased monthly impressions from 2MM to 30+MM (+1400%) over one year

  • Significantly increased brand followers from 62K to 200K+ (+200%) over one year

  • Increased aided awareness +8% versus prior year

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