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Looking to modernize your public relations strategy and take your content marketing game to the next level? Are you hearing a lot about how you need public relations, social media engagement and connections with influencers in order to grow?

Today’s landscape is dynamic and rapidly changing. With an ever-evolving technology framework to better connect with your audience, we offer tools that can assist you with your growth. In order to hone in on your needs, we have the following bundle offerings: 

PR Toolbox Kit #1: 

  • Press/media pitch template

  • Brand collaboration template

  • Press release template

  • PR Plan template 

  • Binder template agreement 

  • Appearance template agreement 

PR Toolbox Kit #2: 

  • Finder agreement 

  • Promissory note agreement 

  • Production services agreement 

  • Casting director agreement 

  • Makeup and special effects agreement

  • Product release agreement 

Cost: $350.00 USD

Cost: $350.00 USD

PR Press/Media Lists: 

  • Sports 

  • Fashion/Beauty

  • Food/Travel 

  • Hip Hop and R&B 

  • Fitness/Health 

PR Toolbox Kit #3: 

  • Non disclosure agreement

  • TV/music license agreement 

  • Soundtrack recording agreement 

  • Rider template agreement 

  • Actor employment agreement (non union and SAG)

Cost: $350.00 USD

Cost: $250.00 USD per list

When purchasing, please indicate which list you want in the notes section in PayPal. 

All Purchases Are Non-Refundable.


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