Company Overview: ​

 Four Naturals Hair is a professional hair care treatment enhancer designed specifically for type 4 c hair (tight/kinky coily hair). It’s sole purpose is to make your hair more receptacle to other hair care products and shorten the “dreadful” wash day process.



As an entry level brand to the natural hair care market, Four Naturals Hair has little to no awareness along with a conservative budget. 


Insight:  ​

With doing extensive research, women with tight, kinky coils are neglected within the space of hair care maintenance as their is nothing in the market (currently) to unlock the growth (and no one was telling their story).



Tell the 4 a, b, and c consumer story via a 360 marketing and public relations strategy. Lean into those valuable assets dimensionalizing the brand by infusing it with genuine emotional experiences with putting an emphasis on women who have tight coils that have difficulty embracing their curls and keeping them moisturized and healthy.


Scheduled launch for Q2 2020/YTD client has chosen to self-execute strategy. As result of the social media strategy execution, client has seen 5% increase in engagement and 10% of clients.